#ShitKMusicFansSay: Epik High feat. All Stars Rappers x “Born Hater”

Epik High is back and non sense is following…

For those who have seen the music video and listen to the masterpiece, you may have liked or disliked Epik High’s new music video “Born Hater”.
Not because of the music but because of the distribution of parts… Like for instance, B.I appearing most of the time while Epik High was meaning their own business behind the video. 

I get it… You came here to see E.H and suddenly you have to watch a talented young boy (who didn’t ask for your non sense) killing that shit. Hard day for you!! But that kind of behaviour is common when artists are collaborating. I guess you need to stop arguing with fans’ bias opinions and accept it.

But this is when bullshit is getting intensely hard to process…

Why must you have to talk about someone who aren’t in the music video !?!?! Why bring Seunghoon in this mess ? Why in order to defend someone you need to beat down someone else ? 

"YG didn’t force Epik High !! They wanted B.I because he’s good. Otherwise Seunghoon would have been there."; "Be glad Seunghoon’s mediocre rap isn’t featuring"

Like What The Fuck ????? Poor boy is enjoying his life as an artist and trying to fulfill his dream and some people are dissing him… Like deal with your life first ! B.I oppa doesn’t need your help ! And i don’t think he would appreciate you dissing one of his friend…

Bang Yongguk x “Curxe

Is it wrong that i wish he keeps experimenting troubles ? I mean he is an amazing composer and producer. I love how he is expressing his emotions.
I wish Korea’s mainstream musical scene would be more open-minded for this kind of artists.

Some piece of advice ? Man, show them who you are for God’ sake !!! It doesn’t matter if they don’t love or appreciate your talent. If GD or Zico (and hopefully RapMon) have been able to impose themselves, you definately can do it.

B.Y.G F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G !!!

JUN.K x “No Love" x Korean version

Damn, this song is really good. Like really good. It sounds like R.Kelly meeting a musical. Love it !
Although Jun.K is not my favorite 2PM member, i gotta admit that since “A.D.T.O.Y”, he has reached some levels. Even if 2PM is not part on my Bias group TOP5, i wish they were more active in Korea. I don’t know if they are planning to do promotions for this song but this song is perfect for building 2PM credits.


“As much as i love kpop and hip hop, i think we’ve had enough of boy groups claiming to be a hip hop group. Hip Hop is not a concept or a trend. You should not dive into it just for profits. Do it because you’re breathing hip hop music.”
- Farath

History repeats itself: EXO and SMent management

Today has been a long day for EXO fans and Kpop fans. With the news of Kris suing SM over his contract and lack of treatment as a human being, the Kpopsphere has seen history repeating itself. 

My experience with Kpop is fairly new (2012) but thanks to Rose and my searching, i have been aware of all the messy break-ups or dropping members (2PM, DBSK, Super Junior,etc…). But i’ve never experienced one.

I love EXO. Their music is always on point. They have talented members. What i don’t love is their management team. We all know how SM deals with its artists. They are more like a business company than a music label.  
Now i can understand Kris and his point of view (even though we can never know what happened). I can understand his members feeling hurt and confused about their future as a whole. But what i can’t understand is the whole Instagram/Weibo/Interview about it. Weither the members are actually turning their back to Kris or the staff is controlling the members’ social network pages, you can’t publicized right after the event (you should learn from the Beyoncé and the Solange vs Jay-z story).

What your fans need is a clear and truthful press release. Get your shit together SMent !

Long time no see…

Wow ! Let’s say we went out for a minute and came back just now….

Life can be sometimes overwhelming and keep you away from stuffs. We are still aware of the happenings in Kpop. Music, Dramas, Comebacks, Gossips, etc… 

I think i can speak for Rose and i by saying that we want to upgrade our blog. Make it more organized and complete. We are talking about the process right now and hopefully we will be launching it…

i don’t even know who to blame… 

i don’t even know who to blame… 


I’m Late again !

1 whole month without listening to Kpop new stuff and I found myself liking Block B's new song. Unlike my friend Farath, i'm really not into Block B's song, except maybe their early songs. This one "Jackpot" is fun. I love everything about it except the chorus (too much k-pop-ish and predictable, so much  that you wonder if the production team was in a despair to make this song work : guys you don’t need to make it sounds like any other kpop song for it to work !)
The mv is fun too ! I love the dance for the "LaLaLa you hit the jackpot" part.


I guess miracles happen…

I’m not a big fan of Super Junior-M but i will say that i’m liking their new song “Swing”. Perfect for the summer when you want to jam with your Kpop friends. Though i don’t really understand the Dubstep break, i will give it a B+ !

P.S: Am i the only one who thought of Will Smith’s “Switch” when listening to it ?


kpop’s kinda like a cool beach you go to and there are all these kinds of pretty stones and you pick up one like oh cool i like this one and you put it in your pocket and then you see another cool stone and you collect that one too but soon enough you have so many stones in your pockets that your pants have fallen off and you’re crying while holding a lot of stones you don’t know where to put and your friends are standing nearby thinking you’ve gone crazy

I feel your pain guys…i feel your pain…

I’ve experienced the same emotional ride with the announcement of B.A.P European Tour. Even if i knew it will be hard to get ticket with my poor wallet, i was still wishing for reasonnable prices. But it was worse than expected.
89 euros for a ticket…and this is the cheaper price.

I love B.A.P to death but this is ridiculous. I think the prices were made by the people here organizing it, the venue welcoming it and TS Entertainment. Considering the venue chosen (Le Zenith which can contain 6.300 people), the prices are somehow understandable…or not.

  • But what chose a big venue like this one ?

Infinite choose to perform in L’Olympia which is a reknown venue in France but is a small and intimate venue. Teen To choose Le Trianon and Le Bataclan which are also small venues. At the other end, Le Zenith is a big venue when you can see big international artists perform. Even Super Junior, with their almost 10 years career, struggled to fill this venue in 2012. How can B.A.P, an amazing group but an only 2 years old group hope to fill it up. This is insane… 

  • European fans aren’t wealthy 

When you decide to throw a concert in overseas countries, you need to study the market, the target and of course observe what other Korean groups had achieved in these countries. Infinite got lucky with their concert and with the type of prices they asked. But honestly, it was hard to let go of this cash. I don’t even pay that much for other artists. I paid 82 euros for Justin Timberlake concert this April but he is going to perform in Le Stade de France which is a stadium. And even for him, it was a struggle to click on the button. 

If i had a wish, it will be to work for a booking & promotion company working for a Korean music company. I’m seriously curious.

Anyway, i’m sincerelyl happy they’re performing in my country. Happy B.A.P will witness the Parisian vibe. Happy for the French BABYS who will be able to see them. 

A une prochaine fois ! 

I wish this video will go viral.

Damn… damn damn! They gave me chillssssss from A to Z. The arrangements were very original (I was kinda reluctant to watch this cover, cause this song had 1 billion of covers..) and not only their voices were great but the emotions guys ??? it’s as if Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Minha were telling the story of their lives. 

Just beyond amazing.