I guess miracles happen…

I’m not a big fan of Super Junior-M but i will say that i’m liking their new song “Swing”. Perfect for the summer when you want to jam with your Kpop friends. Though i don’t really understand the Dubstep break, i will give it a B+ !

P.S: Am i the only one who thought of Will Smith’s “Switch” when listening to it ?


kpop’s kinda like a cool beach you go to and there are all these kinds of pretty stones and you pick up one like oh cool i like this one and you put it in your pocket and then you see another cool stone and you collect that one too but soon enough you have so many stones in your pockets that your pants have fallen off and you’re crying while holding a lot of stones you don’t know where to put and your friends are standing nearby thinking you’ve gone crazy

I feel your pain guys…i feel your pain…

I’ve experienced the same emotional ride with the announcement of B.A.P European Tour. Even if i knew it will be hard to get ticket with my poor wallet, i was still wishing for reasonnable prices. But it was worse than expected.
89 euros for a ticket…and this is the cheaper price.

I love B.A.P to death but this is ridiculous. I think the prices were made by the people here organizing it, the venue welcoming it and TS Entertainment. Considering the venue chosen (Le Zenith which can contain 6.300 people), the prices are somehow understandable…or not.

  • But what chose a big venue like this one ?

Infinite choose to perform in L’Olympia which is a reknown venue in France but is a small and intimate venue. Teen To choose Le Trianon and Le Bataclan which are also small venues. At the other end, Le Zenith is a big venue when you can see big international artists perform. Even Super Junior, with their almost 10 years career, struggled to fill this venue in 2012. How can B.A.P, an amazing group but an only 2 years old group hope to fill it up. This is insane… 

  • European fans aren’t wealthy 

When you decide to throw a concert in overseas countries, you need to study the market, the target and of course observe what other Korean groups had achieved in these countries. Infinite got lucky with their concert and with the type of prices they asked. But honestly, it was hard to let go of this cash. I don’t even pay that much for other artists. I paid 82 euros for Justin Timberlake concert this April but he is going to perform in Le Stade de France which is a stadium. And even for him, it was a struggle to click on the button. 

If i had a wish, it will be to work for a booking & promotion company working for a Korean music company. I’m seriously curious.

Anyway, i’m sincerelyl happy they’re performing in my country. Happy B.A.P will witness the Parisian vibe. Happy for the French BABYS who will be able to see them. 

A une prochaine fois ! 

I wish this video will go viral.

Damn… damn damn! They gave me chillssssss from A to Z. The arrangements were very original (I was kinda reluctant to watch this cover, cause this song had 1 billion of covers..) and not only their voices were great but the emotions guys ??? it’s as if Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Minha were telling the story of their lives. 

Just beyond amazing.

Band: BESTie / 베스티 (2013 -
Label / Comp.: 1theK / YNB Ent
3rd digital Single [DL]:Thank you Very Much (28/02/14)

> Comeback stage (mbc)

" Thank you for breaking up with me ! "

That’s what the girls of Bestie are saying and I love it. The pop feeling of the song are really catchy, so does the melody. I wasn’t interested in them before (I just know that 3 of them are ex-exid members) but I’ll keep an eye on them now, for sure!

Royal Pirates x “Drawing the line” x Band Version

They have been on my ears for the last two weeks and i can’t stop singing it. I’ve known them since their official debut with “Shout Out” but for some reasons i didn’t dig into them that much. But this song (and their After School Club episode) made me a fan. 

I’m really looking for their other releases.


don’t do any of the things i told you in front of other bastards

After Heirs, i’m back in the k-drama game with Emergency Couple. Good shit right here !

TVXQ! x “Spellbound" x Repackage album

While i’m still feeling dizzy from 2NE1’s “CRUSH” album, i took 5 min to listen and watch to TVXQ new song “Spellbound”. Surprisingly, i love it. “Something" was good but it didn’t make me want to download it. While this song makes me curious. A perfect follow up to "Something" and it brings something new to what Idol bands have been released. 

What’s your opinion ?

뛰뛰빵빵.. Beep beep bang bang!

I absolutely love this MV guys.. I’m not a fan of BtoB (i mean i like some of their songs that’s all..) and I didn’t want to waste my time with this new release (cause i’m kind of irritated with male groups concepts these days).

BUT, waw! What I liked with this MV (and the song is cool too) is seeing the guys completely cray (mostly Ilhoon, Changsub & Eunkwang)! But crazy isn’t the only adj that came to my mind, they are cute (Sungjae, Hyunshik), swag (Minhyuk Peniel), charismatic & funny (good funny not weird funny). The dance ? awesome like geniusly easy to remember. 

In my opinion, SBS comeback stage was the best ! (watch here)

Really, i’m still kind of confused with Sunmi “the Woman” - by Rose

Why ? She is sexy just like any other performer in the K-music industry. That’s not the problem, its just that I didn’t get to see her “evolution”. Last time I saw her she was a babyyy, a cute little one lol. Now she twerking, slow dancing and everything. She’s gorgeous, she really became a very beautiful woman. I’m proud of her really. 

I’ll just get used to sexy Sunmi!

Am I the only one ?

[It’s rookie time] Let’s talk about male rookies !

Some of you might know, 2012 was the year i fully got into Kpop. Listening, watching, observing and understanding. During this year, not only did i become a Kpop rookie listener but i’ve witnessed rookie groups debuting. That helped me comprehend a lot things.

B.A.P, EXO, BTOB, VIXX, C-Clown and others debuted in 2012. BTS and History debuted in 2013. Some got acknowledged because of their talent, some because of their management/music company and some did not get their light turned on.
Why this sudden desire of discussing ? Well, it comes from a discussion i constantly have with Rose. With 2014 being called the year of Rookie [boy group] War, we were wondering how things will be played with Winner and Got7.

That’s when i realized that it wasn’t only about GOT7 and Winner but GOT7, Winner, EXO, B.A.P, VIXX, BTOB and BTS. Then, Rose made a point when she said that EXO, B.A.P, VIXX, BTOB and BTS weren’t exactly rookies. True, they debuted earlier and some of them have already established an amazing fanbase and a step on the industry. But for me, they are still rookies.


Started from the bottom now we here…

We all agree that the Kpop scene is about visuals, concepts and music. To be able to get in the top and stay up there, you have to be constant and deliver quality.
Now, that in mind, i think 2012 changed the game when we saw some rookies putting out albums every two months. They wanted recognition and stability and that was a good thing to do.
But i think that confused some people into thinking that they are now bigger than they actually are. If we were talking about Western artists, nobody would have agreed that Justin Bieber was better than Justin Timberlake or that JT was now irrelevant. We should do the same thing with Kpop artists.
Bluntly saying that EXO is now the new Super Junior or that GOT7 is a 2.0 version of 2PM seems wrong.

More than that, the number of sales, articles, fans, awards doesn’t built a career or a name. Recording quality music, performing diligently, having a positive impact on people are what build a name. Super Junior got their name bigger after A LOT OF albums, title tracks and performances, the same for BIGBANG or even B2ST. Even now they want the crown and are not resting. That is why they are standing at the lead of the Hallyu wave.

Some of the groups i’ve named are some of my favorites. I’m supporting them to the fullest but as a fan i need to know their places. EXO got an amazing year. They pulled out 3 good albums. But, as the lot of you observed, they were over-exposed to the point where they got “boring”. I started to feel overwhelmed with all their performances, appearances in variety shows, radio shows, etc… I saw “EXO !!!!!!!” when i wanted to see “EXO!”.

I will say the same for Winner but in a different way. I think it was a good strategy to introduce them before they debut. But i fear that people now will bash them if they don’t debut now. They are considerated as 2014 rookie when they didn’t debut yet. And we know YG and his BIG plans.

Got money in my bank… 

I’m gonna be honest, i’m expecting a lot from Winner and GOT7. I will be as harsh as i was for EXO. I think people should not give them credits because they’re from big companies. It’s the opposite, we should be harder on them. They need to prove that they can follow the steps of their sunbaes. For instance, GOT7 was not as impresssive as their label promoted them. They have talents. They can do great things. But what i didn’t appreciate with their debut is this known and established fact that they are from JYP and by so, people will automatically like them. The title track and album were lacking. But this is my personal opinion…

But we also should not reduce rookies like B.A.P, VIXX or BTS and say that they are played by the game. Life is a B**ch. Kpop industry is one of her pimps. But that doesn’t mean we should pity them. They work as hard as others and are or will get their turn. Lately, B.A.P and VIXX celebrated wins and awards. BTS recorded 3 amazing mini-albums staying true to their Hip Hop concept. And last year, SISTAR was more powerful than 2NE1 or SNSD. Money doesn’t always provide sucess - not on the long term at least.

I could go way longer on what i think about the rookie system but it wouldn’t be interesting to read (i’m sure you have other things to do) but to conclude, i want to clear that i’m not only pointing the fans but also the media and the industry. In a music industry where selling a good amount of shits qualifies you as a legend, we should all be careful of what we say.

Let me know what are you thoughts on that matter. Do you agree ? Do you start listening to rookies because of their company or because of their debut track ?








To all the JunggiGo’s fans, i want all of you to recommend some of his best works. I’m falling in love with his voice and i can’t contain my happiness…Waiting for you messages !!!

To all the JunggiGo’s fans, i want all of you to recommend some of his best works. I’m falling in love with his voice and i can’t contain my happiness…

Waiting for you messages !!!

C-Clown x "Justice" x MV

Why ?…Just tell me why ?

While i am all about challenging yourself as an artist and trying to reach to the mass, i don’t understand C-Clown’s move. I can’t even recognize them: their voices or their faces. It’s like it’s a new group. These guys had their own flavour. Sure, it was not first appealing to the main Kpop audience but at least they were good at what they were doing. 

The song ? If Shinsadong Tiger is behind this track, we all know that he’s not always the answer for a successful hit. I can’t even put a finger on what is missing or what is lacking. This is just bad. Their voices aren’t made for this kind of song. Plus, this concept has been done and done lately. Enough is enough. You had a chance to be different. 

The MV? I simply wish they would have done an outdoor music video. I got bored. And Rome - who i love - didn’t entertain me.
I don’t know if it’s because i’m aging but i’m done with the sex-appeal/winking/smirking/ music video. C-Clown, what is going on ?!

I guess you got the point, i’m not down with this new era. I’m gonna start reminiscing and praying it’s a just a break.

What did you think ?